Let's take a more in-depth look at what it means to have marketing automation in your business to free you up to focus more on running it.

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The blueprint

Stop wasting your precious time and start selling more.

Put bluntly, marketing automation uses software to automate the various marketing activities in your business.

Your sales teams have repetitive tasks in any size company, such as posting on social media accounts, email marketing, and ad campaigns. With such processes, you want a way for your employees to provide both an efficient way of doing business as well as a more personalized experience for your audience.

The execution

How We Create A Marketing Automation Strategy

We use and assist in designing a plan for your business by implementing marketing automation software to capture potential leads, develop relationships through targeted messaging, and move those prospects through the sales funnel at scale.

This includes several categories of functionality: inbound marketing (SEO), social media, email campaigns, multi-channel marketing, website push notifications marketing, analytics and more.

By harnessing customer data from multiple sources, we will craft and developing marketing strategies and tactics that work across various marketing channels to meet your customers where they are on their schedule.

The Tools

Our Marketing Automation Services Include:

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Chatbot Creation

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CRM Integrations

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Email Automation

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Customer Segmentation

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Analytics and Repoting

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Live Chat

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SMS Automation

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