We create sites beyond aesthetics and into ones that make you money and keep your audience coming back.

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The blueprint

So What is Responsive Web Design?

Both small and large companies need a responsive site that converts the audience that visits it into paying customers but just having a website you created from your family member or one you did yourself over the weekend isn’t going to cut in today’s digital world.

Your website is the intersection of planning, developing, and placing your company's content online.

Our web design process relates to the front-end or client-side of a website that your users will see and use. The back-end process includes coding a website to be responsive on all devices (think about your laptop versus your cell phone) and having content management systems in place to manage your site effectively when the project is complete to your team.

The execution

Crafting the Blueprint for Your Website.

As the small business owner, we at SE1ECTMEDIA will work with you to study your target market and get an
awareness of usability that the customers of your products and services will be familiar with.

How do we accomplish this and make sure we create a good user experience, minimize user frustration to find what they are looking for, and weed out what makes a website good or bad?

By following the four key components below, our process will ensure you get what you need:


After breaking down in detail who your target market is, and the ideal buyer will be that visits your site, we will review competition sites and gather keywords that will help us pinpoint what they search for to build our content around for the website.


By looking at company sites within your industry, and various design trends, our designers will start creating initial page designs for your specific target audience will be created. Also, at this stage, we will pick out the best colors, fonts, videos, and other content elements that will influence our initial sketches for the page design.


We will include the best features that will increase attention to the products and services that are most relevant to your audience’s search inquires, make sure various keywords that Google and other search engines believe are important to the user at that time.


Finally, your website will launch with our orientation team, and we will review our marketing plans to get your website in front of your audience and manage the various ways for them to use your website, such as managing transactions, creating popups, updating tools that enhance the website, and more.

The Tools

Our Web Design Services Include:

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Wireframing and Planning

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E-Commerce Sites

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Learning Management Systems (LMS)

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Marketing Personalization

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Content Optimization

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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