Local Business and Influencer Marketing That's Trackable, Redeemable, and Profitable.


If you’re not staying connected and building relationships with customers, you’re missing out on crucial conversations and sales, especially in the spa, health & wellness, salon, and barbershop industry. 

But if you are doing marketing all by yourself, blindly posting, and are not increasing their ad spending, all without really collecting info, are you doing anything for your bottom line?

It’s time to uncross your fingers and plan and execute an omnichannel marketing strategy that works specifically for your type of business.  

The Problem

If you already struggle with your local business marketing to get new customers or you’re not getting any engagement from customers, give me 10 minutes of your time. I have the perfect solution for your spa, salon, barbershop or health and wellness location.  

What If You Didn't Have This Problem Anymore?

When you run an ad or post something on social media about a promotion, what if you could track down the people spending money and how much they spent?

What if you knew the names, numbers and birthdays of people that interacted with your stories, posts and emails and not just rely on “likes” as a metric for success on social media?

What if you could mine all types of information about their preferences (services they. are interested in, time preferences, how often they come in etc)?

If you’re tired with your local marketing for your spa/salon/barbershop/home services to get new business or you’re not getting any engagement from customers, give me 10 minutes of your time. I have the perfect solution for it. 


The Rocket Local Accelerator Program allows you to do this and MORE with a unique and long-term strategy, maximizing online and offline marketing efforts to nurture someone to visit your local business the first time and over time through Email, social media, and text messaging.
E-Commerce and CRM Integrations Available

So… What can our marketing program do for your local business such as a spa, salon, barber or medical office?

You take pride in the services your stylists or masseuses provide for your diners. You want to be their source for both a great haircut, workout, or spa day but a memorable night out, birthday, date, or anniversary that leaves them with a smile. You could be a car wash that posts content but have no way to really have a call to action for the people that would use your services.
They can remember the kind of memories they spent at your place for the days, weeks, and sometimes years to come with their best friends, family, or significant other.
Suppose you’re committed to attracting, engaging, and nurturing your current and future customers with both a delightful experience as well as your absolute best service.
In that case, you already know the future of marketing is where your customers are at, at their convenience, with marketing that is about THEM and gets them to talk to you willingly.
The Accelerator is a trackable and redeemable action plan, a customer-satisfying, money-generating, customer service, and marketing machine.

Talk to your customers everywhere.

  • Have the same exact people that walk into your spa, salon or barbershop willingly give you their information.
  • They opt in through Facebook, Instagram or SMS text with ease. 

Send hyper personalized messages at scale.

  • Create automation funnels based on various communication channels and data points given to you by the customer
  • Auto-response customer services and chatbots
  • Messages based on payment history, date-based actions, visit preferences, favorite employees/services, video surveys, and more.

Gain video reviews, images of customers at your local business on autopilot.

  • Use Facebook and Instagram DM to put relevant social review links in front of them 
  • Capitalize on their experience by retrieving both video and photos, gaining legal consent to use their media in your marketing
  • Create specific marketing posts that get people to feel included in your events and posts to create true engagement around your place of business
Website showing you to upload a photo or video
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Image of a Digital Dashboard showing website visits

Turning new (and existing) customers into raving fans

  • Having a set game plan every month with your marketing person and our team
  • Giving you access to our marketing dashboard to track progress and which customer cohort/marketing campaigns is doing the best with tangible results
  • Even connect other platforms that aren’t a part of the program to use all in one spot

Answer support questions saving you time (and headaches)

  • Have set FAQs to have your automated bot answer customer inquiries (stop fielding calls about hours/basic services/etc)
  • Gain more reviews, book more services, job applications, handle media/sponsorship entries and more
  • Constantly add to it with questions on monthly team calls with our agency
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Utilize Contests/Giveaways With Your Own or Other Influencers/Brands Data

  • Instead of “likes” get customer info in exchange for a “bribe” to enter a  giveaway and contest.
  • Can create virality by having people invite their friends which equal more entries.
  • Can launch on multiple platforms like Facebook, Instagram, your website, text and offline QR codes.
  • Grow your conversions on both Facebook and Instagram through Story Mentions, Comments on Posts and Keywords that start automatic conversations with your audience to grow conversions.

Use your website (to actually get info on your customers) to get them to order more and more often.

  • Have ways for new/existing customers to redeem promotions/specials through FB, IG, SMS and more.
  • Promote events and announcements through posts 
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The future of marketing is here and you can't wait for your competition to use our methods.

The Rocket Local Accelerator is specifically geared to and designed for:

Service Based Businesses

that has the owner or general manager managing their marketing themselves, making the posts and emails and pictures… but you’re struggling with growth and gaining any traction of knowing what is working at all.

Established Multiple Locations

that have a dedicated marketing person who may or may not be getting the results they need through their traditional mass media posts… but the ad struggle is real and wants to get more sales in the door.

Have Multiple Brands or Leverage Partnerships

who see omnichannel strategy as an opportunity to monetize channels like Facebook or Instagram DM but don’t know how to tie together own brands, leverage influencers to gain customer info and monetize each others audience in a trackable way. 

We dont want to work with every local business but with the right ones.

Ask yourself, which type of owner are you based upon the responses below?

The Old School

The Go Getter

Frequently Asked Questions:

If you are in the three buckets of local busienss owners above that, they have been in operation for at least one year that is looking to expand their database and don’t want to do it themselves.

Whether you’re a spa, salon, barbershop, gym or other health and wellness, we have personalized solutions for each industry.

Depending on your program, this could be starting at three months or more. With any marketing program, the longer the commitment, you can see the results. That being said, we have no long-term contracts if you do not want to be locked in as this is customized to your needs.

Depending on your program, we have both monthly and annual plans for our Rocket Local Accelerator program. As with any investment, this will all depend on the number of locations you have, the type of marketing we sent out as well as who is involved.  Note this isn’t for businesses that aren’t willing to understand the value our services offer and the investment you’re making into your long term marketing as we are not for people looking to undercut our pricing. 

We have both in-person and virtual options for your staff to interact with customers based on the marketing initiatives we set up with you. You will also have access to the recorded sessions via our learning portal access anytime.

We have many options on the various platforms we use for your business. Email, SMS, Facebook Messenger, Instagram and more will be used. The frequency of communication will be customized based upon our initial consultation, discussing your industry (spa, gym, barbershop, salon, dentist, chiropractor, etc.), location (urban, suburban), among other factors.

While I appreciate you wanting to do things internally and take our system to market your business, unfortunately, we do not sell our system like that. We have worked very hard to create our intellectual property on top of the software we use, and the value is in the monthly fee we charge to conduct the service with you, so this is not an option under any circumstance to just pay a one-time onboarding fee.

Recent Results

$0.65 Opt Ins

  • 58 People Opted In = $0.68/per opt In.
  • Ad was created spending $40 + added offline QR codes with flyers in existing orders.
  • 4259 People Reached
  • Over 80% Filled In The Post Diner Survey Gaining 10 Data Points to Use in Future Marketing.
  • Average Order = $19
  • Average Number of Visits Per Year = 12
  • Average $ Spent (1 Year) = $228
  • ROI on Ad = 5.7X

7.5X ROI.

  • 68 People Opted In = $0.58/per opt In.
  • Ad was created spending $40.
  • 3555 People Reached
  • Over 85% Filled In The Post Diner Survey Gaining 10 Data Points to Use in Future Marketing.
  • Average Order = $25
  • Average Number of Visits Per Year = 12
  • Average $ Spent (1 Year) = $300
  • ROI on Ad = 7.5X