Create referral-based marketing using word of mouth and viral strategies that generate happily and returning customers.​

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The blueprint

Create, foster and reward your customers.

You might be asking, what Is growth marketing? (And Why You Need It)

Growth marketing is traditional marketing using tools like data-driven marketing campaigns, A/B testing, SEO optimization, and heavily and conversion-optimized copy to ensure the user experience is maximized from a revenue and ease of use perspective.

With every insight, you can better implement changes throughout your company to better fulfill sales, customer support, and operations to sustain and grow your company.

What Types of Incentives Can You Provide To Your Audience?

Examples of incentives you can give to both existing customers and new customers are:

  • Discounts
  • Exclusive products (tiered/memberships) 
  • Free products or 
  • Free content (info/services) 

Our efforts lie within the blueprint we craft together that provides us with all the connections to your overall marketing plans and drives every single facet of your digital marketing strategy and how effective and profitable it becomes.


The execution

Looking at Your Target Market

As the small business owner, you act as the growth marketer for your company and will provide this above incentive, and yeah, that’s the primary mechanism if you want to build your referral marketing campaign. 

How do you know you need growth marketing?

Here are four core components to creating a growth marketing program/campaign to run experiments for your company:


Choose whom you are going to reward through both offline and digital channels:

  • Existing customers and within those customers, who they are, how much they spend or when they became a customer or  brand new customers.


  • Choose what kind of reward you will provide to those people as an incentive to bring in successful referrals.


  • Choose how to build the campaign in house or have our growth marketing team made it for you at 


  • Promoting the drive and customer experience to gain a significant reach of targeted leads who will enter the campaign and then invite their friends to then those friends invite their friends to create a viral campaign to rapidly spread the word about your product or service
The Tools

Our Growth Marketing Services Include:

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Referral Marketing

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Giveaways & Contests

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Prelaunch Campaigns

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Marketing Personalization

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Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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