Creating Marketing Solutions Tailored to the Now.

SE1ECTMEDIA is a marketing agency that focuses on the industries we know and have personally worked in.

We look to create and implement solutions for consumers’ everchanging needs today and do it fast for small and medium-sized companies.

We deliver solutions that market your product and do it in a way that is both hyperpersonal and at scale. Forget just doing everything on paper flyers and local newspaper ads; meet your customers where they are and how they want to buy from you now.


Jimmy Shatara

Coming from a background of food and beverage, residential and commercial real estate since 2001, Jimmy is a data-driven practitioner. He uses his direct experience in the above industries and combines it with the latest ways to capture your ideal customer in the attention economy we live in today. From new startup concepts to established law firms, our systematic and deliberate processes make your job as the business owner more manageable and more productive so you can spend time making more impact on your audience and revenue as a result.

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