Attorney Client Automation That's Trackable, Effective and Profitable.


If you’re not staying connected and building relationships with potential and past clients, you’re missing out on crucial conversations and sales, especially in law profession.

But if you are doing marketing all by yourself, blindly posting, and are not increasing their ad spending, all without really collecting info, are you doing anything for your bottom line?

It’s time to uncross your fingers and plan and execute an omnichannel marketing strategy that works specifically for your type of business.  

The Problem

Competition from Other Firms (hard to stand out) with 1.3 Million others, according to the American Bar Association’s 2020 ABA Profile of the Legal Profession trying to take your lunch.

Attorney Responsiveness – 79% of consumers say that whether or not a lawyer responds to their first call or email right away is one of the most important factors they look for. With 4.5 Hour average response, you’re leaving money on the table when you’re not instant with your communication.

Client Retention (how to get those clients coming back for more?) With an 83% average client retention rate, according to Clio, you could do better, and having 70% of people leaving a firm because the attorney wasn’t responsive to their needs, there is a lot of cash to grab from other attorneys. 

What If You Didn't Have This Problem Anymore?

When you run an ad or post something on social media about a promotion, what if you can have a direct and “semi automated” way to pick up people’s info and try to book them into appointments?

What if you knew the names, numbers, and other law-related info about the people that interacted with your stories and posts, not just rely on “likes” as a metric for success on social media?

What if you could mine all types of information about their preferences (keywords they used in reaching out to you) then directing them to instantly fill out a consultation survey?

If you’re tired of the same tactics of speaking engagements, local events, and old media ads to get new business, or you’re not getting any client engagement, give me 20 minutes. I have the perfect solution for it.


The Rocket Law Accelerator Program offers a 24/7 Bot Assistant that automates conversations with potential clients on social media and facilitates appointment bookings via chatbots on various platforms including your website.

So… What can our marketing program do for your law firm?

Suppose you’re committed to attracting, engaging, and nurturing your current and future clients with both a delightful experience as well as your absolute best service.
In that case, you already know the future of marketing is where your customers are at, at their convenience, with marketing that is about THEM and gets them to talk to you willingly.
The Accelerator is a trackable and profitable action plan, a client-satisfying, money-generating, customer service, and marketing machine.
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Personalized Marketing Automation & Customer Support

  • Create automation funnels based on various communication channels and data points given to you by the customer
  • Auto-response customer services and chatbots
  • Messages based on specific keywords we program with you based on your service areas and the questions you mostly hear that should lead to a booking

Gain video reviews, images of customers at your law firm on autopilot.

  • Use Facebook and Instagram DM to put relevant social review links in front of them 
  • Capitalize on their experience by retrieving both video and photos, gaining legal consent to use their media in your marketing
  • Create specific marketing posts that get people to feel included in your events and posts to create true engagement around your place of business
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Social Media Auto Client Intake

  • Use the “ethical bribe” technique to get customers info (name/number/email) in exchange for your most valuable content.
  • Can create virality by having people share this info with their friends which equal more potential leads.
  • Can launch on multiple platforms like Facebook, Instagram, your website, text and offline QR codes.

Use your website (to actually get info on your customers) to get them to order more and more often.

  • Have ways for new client intake done through FB, IG, SMS and more.
  • Gain reviews and book appointments in a familiar and easy format

The future of marketing is here and you can't wait for your competition to use our methods.

The Rocket Law Accelerator is specifically geared to and designed for:

Existing law firms that have been in business for at least three years.

One Or More Services

Have A Website And Utilize Facebook and Instagram

We don't want to work with every attorney but with the right law offices.

Ask yourself, which type of law firm owner are you based upon the responses below?

The Old And Outdated Way

The Better Way

Frequently Asked Questions:

If you are an existing law firm that have been in business for at least three years.

Whether you’re a one-person band or a mid-sized law firm that has dozens of attorneys working in all types of law areas, we have scenarios to show that it would work for your law firm, including but not limited to:

Our program starts at least three months or more, depending on your program. With any marketing program, you can see the results the longer the commitment.

We work with you after the 1st three months to see if you want a long-term fit, as it will take time for your potential clients to start interacting.

Depending on your program, we have both monthly and annual plans for our Rocket Law Accelerator program. As with any investment, this will all depend on the number of services you provide, the type of marketing we sent out as well as who is involved.  

We have both in-person and virtual options for your staff to interact with clients based on the marketing initiatives we set up with you. You will also have access to the recorded sessions via our learning portal access anytime.

Looking to Get Started? Book Your Complementary Call Today

We provide marketing services that are designed to help our clients achieve their business goals.

While we use our best efforts and expertise to create effective marketing strategies and campaigns, we cannot guarantee any specific results.

We want to be clear that there is always a cost and risk associated with marketing. Even the most well-planned and executed marketing campaigns may not generate the desired leads or conversions. It’s also possible that external factors, such as changes in the market or competition, could impact the effectiveness of our marketing efforts.

Therefore, we cannot guarantee the number or quality of leads that will result from our marketing services, nor can we guarantee any specific level of conversions. We encourage our clients to view marketing as a long-term investment and to work with us to continually refine and optimize their marketing strategies over time.