Providing 24/7 Marketing That Your Customers Actually Want to Engage In.

Our Mission: We want small business owners like the mom and pop restaurant to feel like they are the only restaurant type in their city with marketing that works.

Our Mission: We want small business owners like the mom and pop restaurant to feel like they are the only restaurant type in their city with marketing that works.


Restaurants, Large and Small, Don't Really Have A Clue On How To Accurately Market To Their Diners.

Think About All The Ways You Have To Compete To Get New and Existing Customers In Your Restaurant.


Increased competition from the supermarket and meal prep companies to make people’s lives more convenient is also taking away your market share.


Next, the more significant issues you’re probably experiencing are that stores already operate on limited hours of operation, staff reductions, and smaller marketing budgets to stay open and afloat.


Lastly, labor shortages have not helped, and these apps give a sizable profit margin to these type of companies. Also, you aren’t capturing their information to market to them directly without a middleman involved.

You Might Be Saying:

“My restaurant is a favorite of people that come in, my regulars won’t leave me, we’ve been in our location for years!”

Before going further, let me tell you a little bit about what some of the biggest restaurant websites are saying about the challenges in the industry right now.

Most Restaurant Advise for Marketing is Vague At Best and Extremely Terrible at Worst Providing Specific Solutions to Customer Acquisition

According to QSR, a leading online blog focused on restaurants that gets over 1 million website views a month says you need to put major restaurants behind “technology and local-data”.

You as the marketer of your restaurant need to cost effectively target your potential and existing diners and reach them with:

Own The Right To Talk To Your Audience With:

and do so without constantly having to rely on paying for ads once you have your diner’s information in your database.

omnichannel communication

Talk to your customers everywhere.

  • Streamline communication with customers based on individual preferences
  • Pinpoint and increase/decrease marketing spend based where customers come from
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Create a digital presence that actually drives business.

  • Focus on both redesigns or full web development
  • Custom development of e-commerce websites
  • Training portals for your clients or employees,
  • Third Party integrations and more

Frequently Asked Questions:

Restaurant owners that are in operation for at least 1 year that are looking to expand their database and don’t want to do it themselves. 

Depending on your program, this could be starting at three months or more. With any marketing program, the longer the commitment, you can see the results. That being said, we have no long-term contracts if you do not want to be locked in as this is customized to your needs.

Depending on your program, we have both monthly and annual plans for our Rocket Diner Blueprint program. As with any investment, this will all depend on the number of locations you have, the type of marketing we sent out as well as who is involved. 

We have both in-person and virtual options for your staff to interact with customers based on the marketing initiatives we set up for you. You will also have access to the recorded sessions via our learning portal access anytime.

We have many options on the various platforms we use for your restaurant. Email, SMS, Facebook Messenger, and more will be used. The frequency of communication will be customized based upon our initial consultation, discussing your type of restaurant (casual, fine dining, etc.), location (urban, suburban), among other factors.


Do Birthday Sales Right.


Create engaging contests and giveaways that make you money.

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See In Action For Promotions Work For Both Small Restaurants (Pizza Place Example)

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See In Action Using Facebook Posts To Get Customers On Autopilot

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